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The Top 4 Benefits of Using Motorized Shades

Biege QMotion shades in living room with a couch, overhead lamps, and a glassdoor leading outdoors.

how Motorized Window Treatments Elevate Your Life and Home

Home automation has become more mainstream in recent years. Today’s smart home technologies include smart lightbulbs, video doorbells, voice assistants (like Alexa), and others. While there are many innovative features you can add to make your living space smarter, motorized window treatments are an essential part of luxury homes that can't be overlooked. 

If you don't already have an automated shading system, read on to learn the top four benefits of adding motorized shades to your home in Amherst, NY, or Orchard Park, NY.

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1. Hassle-Free Control

Control your home's shading system from any room. With a smart shading system, you enjoy one-touch, remote control of the natural light that enters your home. It doesn't matter whether you want to raise or lower one or multiple shades throughout your home; you can control them with a single tap of your fingers. 

Connect the shading system to your smartphone for added convenience or use a remote, smart home tablet, or wall touchscreen. Isn’t that better than messing with rods and strings? 

2. Preset Shades

Using your smart home system, it’s easy to preset the shades to rise in the morning for a gentle awakening. Instead of dealing with a blaring alarm that jolts you from never-never land, you can wake up to natural light, which helps you stay in a better mood throughout the day. In addition, the hands-free option helps you relax when going to bed by automatically lowering the shades at night. 

3. UV Protection

Sunlight is warm and wonderful, but it comes with harmful UV rays that can damage and discolor furniture and upholstery. But when you have motorized window treatments, they protect your furniture, floors, artwork, and décor from harmful radiation. The fabrics used in shading systems block the sunlight and help prolong the life of the possessions in your home. 

4. Reduced Energy Consumption

Just like manually operated shades, motorized shading systems can lower the energy consumption of your home. They provide excellent insulation by reflecting heat from the sun, allowing your home to stay cooler during summers. Moreover, the shades let the sun's heat enter your home during winters to make it warmer. As a result, your HVAC system uses less energy to heat or cool your home. 

But unlike your average shading system, you can sync smart shades with the lighting system and indoor climate control system to operate automatically. Depending on the time of day, season, lighting, and preset schedules, your shades can raise and lower to lessen the load of your HVAC system and minimize the use of artificial light. As a result, you help to lower your energy bills considerably – and you won’t have to touch a button to do it!

Are you ready to add motorized shades to your home in Amherst, NY? Sound & Theater offers the best shading solutions for homes in the Western New York area. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (716) 632-2790 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details. 

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