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When thinking of the tools your Orchard Park company uses to communicate, you probably have a quickly growing list. Projectors, displays, speakers, microphones, and video conferencing software are likely on your list. Thinking of how to connect them all and have them work efficiently can become overwhelming. This is where audio video integration systems (AVIs) come in to make things easier.

Slow, faulty communication tools can cause many disadvantages to your business. Here are the benefits of an audio video integration system for your New York workplace.

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Have you ever had a meeting with a video conference and the audio lagged behind the video? It’s a frustrating situation for all meeting participants, and if there are clients present, it’s all the more embarrassing. This technical difficulty also impacts productivity since you waste time trying to fix the issue. AVIs solve this problem by making sure your audio and video tools function as a unified solution instead of disconnected products. They’re specifically designed to ensure your sound and display devices integrate harmoniously.


If you want to increase collaboration at your company, AVIs provide powerful support. You can have an interactive digital whiteboard, so teams in different offices — or coworkers in different rooms in the same office — are able to work on something simultaneously. Interactive whiteboards use touch technology to record information. Users can then save the information as files they can access on their computers. AVIs also help colleagues in different locations share documents or drawings virtually and have productive discussions without any technical disruptions.


With a high-performance communication system at your workplace — thanks to audio video integration — you can save on travel costs. Instead of having to fly colleagues every time teams from various offices need to meet, you can rely on your top-notch video conferencing tools. You can also save on booking flights for applicants for interviews and reduce the amount of times you need to speak with clients or partners outside of the office. High-definition quality video and sharp, well-distributed sound can make it feel like everyone’s meeting in person.

To find out more about audio video integration for your Orchard Park company, please reach out to our team at Sound & Theater. We specialize in commercial audio video solutions, and we can’t wait to help you improve communication, productivity, and collaboration at your workplace. Give us a call or fill out our online form — we can’t wait to hear from you!

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