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Here’s What You Can Feature in a Commercial Audio Visual Installation


Find Out Which Technologies Can Distinguish Your Dining Establishment 

As a restaurant or bar owner, you always are looking to deliver a world-class experience to your customers.

Not only do you want to impress with your food and beverages, but you also might want to emphasize a top-of-the-line customer experience.

A commercial audio-visual installation from our Williamsville-based team at Sound & Theater can help.

In this post, we share the audio-video technologies you can feature in your Buffalo-area restaurant or bar that are sure to enhance the customer experience.

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4K Ultra HD Displays

While you might initially think of 4K Ultra HD as being designed for TVs, you can feature this high-resolution image quality for digital displays throughout your dining establishment.

Sure, you can feature 4K Ultra HD TVs that deliver the ultimate viewing experience for guests hoping to watch the Bills game or the Sabres game in a social setting.

But you also can use 4K digital signage to easily spread messaging promoting your business.

For example, perhaps you want to increase your following on social media. You can create a display that highlights your accounts and encourages customers to follow them to receive exclusive discounts.

Or, you can use your digital signage to promote specialty menu items or upcoming events at your establishment.

What distinguishes 4K resolution from standard displays is that the image quality is captivating. A high-brightness and a high-contrast image will draw in customers’ eyes.

It might be just one component of a commercial audio-visual installation, but it can play a significant role in enhancing your business and your customers’ experience at your restaurant or bar.


High-End Speakers

A critical factor in determining how customers will enjoy your establishment is the atmosphere you deliver. Sound can play a significant role in that experience.

If you’re aiming for a lively atmosphere, you will want to ensure everyone can clearly listen to the music or TV audio.

Perhaps you want a more relaxed atmosphere, however. You can use a speaker system to deliver music sure to inspire a calm dining experience.

Our team of audio installation experts can install speakers throughout your establishment that can be hidden within walls and ceilings – out of view from your customers while still delivering high-fidelity sound.

Best of all, however, is that your audio system will be easily accessible and convenient for you and your employees to manage. We explain more in the section below.


Integrated Control System

We at Sound & Theater include an integrated control system with each of our commercial audio-visual installations.

What does that mean, exactly? From your smartphone or tablet or in-wall touchscreen panels throughout your restaurant or bar, you can manage all of your technologies from one device.

For example, you can select a Spotify playlist to play throughout your establishment and then easily adjust the speaker volume. Within the same application, you then can turn on your digital 4K displays and change the TV channel to your preferred content.

This can be especially helpful if a customer has a particular request – such as a specific sporting event he or she wants to watch. Instead of scrambling to find the correct remote, you can use your integrated control application to conveniently change the channel on your 4K Ultra HD TV.


Our team even can integrate your audio-video solution with other commercial automation features – including smart lighting control, motorized window treatments, security systems, and more.

To learn more about our custom audio-visual installations here in the Williamsville area, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with us or ask a question about our services by clicking the button below.

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