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Managing Your Entire Home with an Automation System

Modern open concept kitchen and living area with sleek design and automated lighting.

Your 101 Guide to Controlling Lights, Thermostats, Entertainment & More

Smart home technology has dramatically altered how we interact with our living spaces. Imagine controlling every aspect of your time spent at home with just a few button taps or voice commands. Home automation systems offer unrivaled convenience and efficiency, from adjusting the thermostat and lights to monitoring security cameras and appliances.

Below, we explore how homeowners in Western New York can control lights, thermostats, security systems, entertainment, and more from anywhere, automating routines for a seamless living experience. 

It’s time to unlock the future of more intelligent living, so keep reading.

Control4 Dealers Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

large kitchen with white cabinets, bright pendant lights, and a square kitchen island in center

Top Takeaways from 2024’s Consumer Electronic Show


As a Control4 integrator, the Sound & Theater team strives to remain at the forefront of integrating the latest residential and commercial technologies for our clients in Williamsville to Orchard Park and beyond. That’s why we were at the edge of our seats as we saw all of the exciting coverage coming out of the 2024 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Since the late 1960s, this trade show has been where leading tech manufacturers unveil their exciting advancements, many of which are sure to ignite the interest of our discerning clients. 


Keep reading to dive into the standout innovations from some of our preferred brand partners and discover how a Control4 dealer like us can use them to elevate your home and business life.

Why Your Home Theater Installation Needs Immersive Surround Sound


Transport yourself into the middle of your favorite media with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

The appeal of a home theater has become more apparent in recent years as commercial theaters have been closed and more movies are coming out on streaming services. If you are considering upgrading your home entertainment systems, make sure to invest in high-end technologies such as a 4K projector, custom lighting, theater-style seating, acoustic treatment, and immersive surround sound.

For a truly exceptional experience, invest in a surround sound system with immersive audio technology. Discover how immersive surround sound will enhance your home theater installation in Buffalo, NY and the entire Western NY region.