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Studio Quality Sound Is Yours with Bowers & Wilkins

Music and cinema lovers alike, reimagine the way you listen at home with Bowers & Wilkins’ handcrafted speakers featuring superior-grade materials and industry-leading engineering.

Reimagine Your Listening Experience with Bowers & Wilkins

Enahnce your home audio expereince with Bowers & Wilkins' handcrafted speakers, superior grade materials and industry-leading audio engineering.

Universally Loved by Audiophiles

Home Audio
From stately floorstanders to compact bookshelf speakers, B&W offers bar-raising home audio solutions featuring groundbreaking studio-quality technologies for precision sound and sophisticated listening.
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Bring Studio Quality Sound Home

Let’s Find the B&W Speakers that Best Suit You

  • Nautilus
    Absolutely nothing looks or sounds quite like Nautilus, the ultimate loudspeaker for the most discerning audiophile. This revolutionary masterpiece is the definition of high-end audio.
  • 800 Series
    800 Series
    Want the pinnacle of audio perfection? Look no further than the 800 Series, which set a new benchmark for performance 35 years ago and continues pushing boundaries today.
  • 700 Series
    700 Series
    Borrowing advanced technologies from the flagship 800 Series Diamond, the mid-range 700 Series brings large-scale recordings to life with impressive realism and clarity.
  • 600 Series
    600 Series
    Marked as the essential loudspeakers for music lovers, the entry-level 600 Series offers big sound without the big price tag. Enjoy a pure and precise soundscape in any environment.
  • Subwoofers
    Get ready for air-gripping bass you can feel with state-of-the-art B&W subwoofers that feature incredible low-end power and speed for astonishingly controlled bass.

    True Hi-Fi Sound without the Wires

    Hear Every Detail in Perfect Harmony
    Exclusive Formation® Wireless Technology makes the B&W Formation suite of speakers capable of delivering whole-home audio with a wired high-fidelity soundstage—wirelessly.

    Music Lovers, Get in Formation

    Experience the Best in Wireless Home Audio

    Bowers & Wilkins

    Formation Duo

    Featuring the B&W patented Carbon Dome tweeter design, the Duo delivers a precise soundscape unlike any other wireless speaker.

    Formation Wedge

    The unique 120-angled Wedge features performance tweeters, drivers and an integrated sub to offer room-filling stereo sound.

    Formation Bar

    This three-channel hi-fi soundbar features nine optimized drivers for a wider, clearer soundstage for all your movies and music.

    Formation Bass

    Enjoy clean, powerful bass wirelessly with opposed dual drivers for less distortion and a class D amplifier for exacting performance.

    Formation Audio

    Transform your existing home audio gear into a high-resolution multi-room audio system with the Formation Audio wireless music streamer.

    Formation Flex

    The Flex seamlessly combines with other Formation members to create stereo, whole-home or surround sound audio to fit your preferences.

    All Your Home Audio Dreams Fulfilled

    Custom Installation
    Build a custom audio soundstage with near-invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for an immersive multi-room or home theater experience, or extend it outdoors with weatherproof speakers for music around the pool or patio. Bowers & Wilkins offers superb sound in all the ways you want it.
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    Indoor and Outdoor Audio Solutions Tailored to You

    Curate the Perfect Home Audio System for Your Life

    Bowers & Wilkins
    custom installation


    World-Leading Speakers Designed to Disappear
    Another unbeatable audio solution for the design-conscious audiophile, Bowers & Wilkins in-wall speakers mount flush with your surfaces to deliver uncompromised sound quality from thin air. Like the in-ceiling solutions, in-wall speakers include Flexible, Performance, and Reference series for compact, engaging, and elite audio without taking up space.
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    Experience Impeccable Sound That’s Heard but Never Seen
    Have an ear for sound and an eye for design? You’ll love in-ceiling loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins. For fantastic sound in small or hard-to-access spaces, the Flexible Series delivers. The Performance Series offers engaging sound for music and movies in a discreet package, and the Reference Series rivals upscale floorstanders without the footprint.
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    Outdoor Speakers

    Unchanging Audio in Ever-Changing Weather
    Get great sound anywhere, including the outdoors, with weatherproof high-fidelity speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. Whether you want music on the patio or aboard your luxury yacht, your speakers will withstand the elements while offering quality audio for the great outdoors. Bring on the most challenging environment—Bowers & Wilkins will keep on playing.
    custom installation

    Custom Theater

    Bring Your Movies to Life with a B&W Custom Theater Sound
    Create the ultimate home theater experience suited to your space, budget and needs with Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater speaker models that are artfully designed to work in harmony. Whether you choose the flagship CT800 Series or the cost-effective CT700 Series, you’ll enjoy unmissable cinema sound that powerfully fires from discreetly installed speakers.

    Ready to Reimagine the Way You Listen at Home?

    If you demand the best in sound, Bowers & Wilkins delivers. Dress up your listening room, private theater, backyard, or entire home with pristine audio that lasts a lifetime.