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How Sonos Is Changing the Game with the Sonos Amp

And What it Means for Your Home Audio Video System…

How Sonos Is Changing the Game with the Sonos Amp

If you’re a fan of home audio video, you’re probably familiar with Sonos – one of the top manufacturers of wireless audio gear in the world.

In fact, Sonos’ ubiquity has been a driving force in the cultural adoption of “smart” technology. It’s a system that works well enough on its own but can also integrate with high-end smart home systems like Control4.

But some homeowners have avoided the switch to wireless audio, unwilling to replace their performance speakers with Sonos’ Play series of bookshelf units.

Now the company is looking to change that with the release of the Sonos Amp, designed to connect your existing speakers to a Sonos ecosystem. Here, we’ve got the latest news on what that means for your property in the Amherst, New York area. Just keep reading for more.

And What it Means for Your Home Audio Video System…


Sonos Amp

This isn’t the company’s first attempt at integrating non-proprietary speakers with their user-friendly controls. The Connect:Amp was released nearly a decade ago but failed to make much of a splash in the industry.

The new Sonos Amp aims to change all that. They’ve completely overhauled the features, with a focus on integration. The Amp is specifically designed to become a total home audio solution, perfect for streaming in any room or watching movies in a home theater.

According to Vulture:

“It’s designed to tie the high-end, wired speakers you already own into the Sonos ecosystem, seamlessly joining them with the Play:5, Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Playbase, Playbar, and other Sonos hardware for multi-room audio playback.”

While the Amp itself doesn’t feature a native speaker, it can integrate with Amazon Alexa (if you have an Echo or Echo Dot) for full voice-control capabilities.

Also exciting is the Amp’s ability to connect to music sources other than streaming audio. You can hook up turntables, CD changers, and an external hard drive to listen to your entire music collection, or just stream via the company’s easy Spotify or Tidal navigation interface.

Sonos’ Next Move

The new Sonos Amp is just another in big moves the company has made recently to breach the whole-home audio market.

While their Play series has always been popular for one-room solutions, the company wants to make their system the go-to for total home audio. The Amp connects to just about any floor-standing and in-wall speaker system, hardwired or wireless. Plus, it natively integrates with any other Sonos product.

As they penetrate deeper into the architectural speaker market, it’s clear Sonos is aiming to dominate in the coming months. Will 2019 be the year they finally break big with the high-end audio crowd? Only time will tell.

If you want to keep up with the latest updates on Sonos or anything else regarding home audio video, just click here.



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